New research project with funding from NordForsk

We have been awarded a grant from the call “Societal Security and Antimicrobial Resistance” from NordForsk (Nordic Societal Security Programme | NordForsk).

The title of the project is: “Tracking of Antimicrobial Resistant Genes in Environmental reservoirs in the Nordic Countries” with the acronym TARGEt.

Randi J Bertelsen is PI for the project and in collaboration with partners from Uppsala University (Sweden), University of Iceland (Iceland), and Aarhus University (Denmark). Wastewater samples will be collected from all these Nordic countries and possibly also samples from farming and other environmental sources.

The call was limited to projects lasting no longer than two-years, and it is there an advantage that the project builds on the ongoing TARGET project within the CAMRIA network. The 3 mill NOK funding will cover a post-doctoral position for two years, meetings and some funding for analyses of samples.  The Laboratory work will be performed at Aarhus University, where they have experience in analyzing different types of environmental samples.

In the feedback from the evaluators, it was emphasized that an established network and research collaborations was one of the strengths of the project. We are looking forward to starting this interesting new project on March 1, 2023.

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