Iain Johnston with the Meltzer Prize!

Professor Iain Johnston (Department of Mathematics, University of Bergen) and the leader of CAMRIA-funded HyperEvol project has been awarded the Meltzer Prize for young researchers 2023.

Iain was nominated for the award to honor his work which combines mathematical, statistical and experimental approaches to learn more about the biological world. This approach has provided new knowledge around high impact questions across biology and medicine.

In his speech, Iain highlighted the role of people who also played a big role in the process, including family, friends, teachers and colleagues.

“I am also very grateful for the opportunities to do open and interdisciplinary research, which is encouraged at UiB. It is a really great environment to do science and to build and expand new collaborations in” , highlighted the winner.

The other two awards went to Researcher Henriette Aksnes (Department of Biomedicine, UiB – also award for young researchers), and Professor Lars Thore Fadnes (Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, UiB – the award for outstanding research dissemination).

Many congratulations to Iain and the other awardees with their great success!

Source: https://pahoyden.no/forskningsformidling-henriette-aksnes-iain-george-johnston/vinnere-av-arets-meltzerpriser/126822


Pictures: Thor Brødreskift

From left to right: Iain Johnston, Henriette Aksnes, UiB Rector Margareth Hagen, Lars Thore Fadnes; © Thor Brødreskift

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